Criminal Law - 3rd Edition

Criminal Law - 3rd Edition

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NEW for this edition!

  • New “Spotlight on SQE” textboxes have been inserted throughout the text to assist the reader in understanding what parts of the text are assessable on the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).
  • Much of the academic commentary has been refined in the text to provide a more streamlined black-letter statement of the law. References continue to be provided and updated to further reading and academic debates.
  • The Crown Court Compendium continues to cited as a source of practical knowledge on the criminal law and references to the Compendium have been reviewed and updated accordingly.
  • Where quotations from case law have been provided in the text, the pinpoint reference to that quotation has been provided (ie page or paragraph number)
  • All authorities reported post-2001 have been amended in the text to only include the neutral citation to allow for easy navigation and access by readers to those authorities

Criminal Law is aimed at students studying on an LLB or GDL course. Written in plain English, it provides students with a detailed understanding of the theoretical and substantive aspects of the law of crime, whilst maintaining a practice-based approach.

The book provides a sound base level of knowledge of the substantive law. It then adds to this knowledge to ensure that students are able to apply the substantive law using a variety of skills in different contexts. Then, the text shows students how to engage with the subject and critically evaluate and consider the implications of the law in any given scenario. It is essential that students understand the dynamism of criminal law and ask the difficult questions that have been, and remain to be, pondered by academics. As such, the book also considers the social, economic and political context.

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About the Author

Mark Thomas has taught law for several years at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Mark’s teaching is heavily focused on the law of crime and evidence, and he has published numerous research papers and textbooks in those areas. In particular, Mark is the co-author of a leading evidence textbook and has written a number of revision guides aimed at candidates undertaking the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).

Publication Details

• Published March 2023
• Paperback
• 750 pages approx
• £37.99