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Business Law

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Due to publish in 2025 in association with Barbri, Business Law gives readers an insight into company law and its practice.  This textbook is aimed at undergraduate and post-graduate law students or students on joint honours degrees (for example Business and Law), as well as those studying for a range of legal qualifications, such as legal executives, solicitor apprentices or paralegals.  Seeing the law in its practical (or real life) context is vital to assist with clear understanding and a realisation that we encounter companies daily, as with contract law. 

This book follows the life of a company, through a rolling case study, from formation to its end, exploring the historical context, fundamental principles such as separate legal personality and limited liability and their impact on company managers and owners.  It will compare the company structure with other business media, such as a partnership, and investigate issues of accountability and responsibility of both company owners and managers, for example in the context of running the underlying business, and in relation to a wide stakeholder base. 

Policy issues behind legislation and proposals for reform will be explored throughout. Key cases, both historic and recent, will be examined from both an academic and practice perspective. If possible, practitioner insight and examples of documentation will be included to illustrate how the law is implemented. 


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The options for set up of the business and formation processes

Chapter 3: Who runs and manages the business

Chapter 4: Company ownership; investment and share capital

Chapter 5: Debt financing

Chapter 6: Public companies

Chapter 7: When it goes wrong

About the Author

Amanda’s career as a law teacher has spanned 30 years. She originally qualified as a corporate solicitor in the City of London, before moving in 1994 to teach on the then newly introduced Legal Practice Course in Oxford. The focus of her teaching has been Business and corporate finance law and regulation as well as the key lawyers’ skills including drafting, research and interviewing and advising. Amanda also spent a number of years in the early 2000s at the UK Centre for Legal Education at the University of Warwick where she conducted research into and published on the effectiveness of the Legal Practice Course: ‘Hitting the ground Running – is the LPC fit for purpose?’. 

Following her time at the UKCLE, she moved back to teaching on the LPC at the City Law School in London, until 2021 when she moved to King’s College London. There she joined the Professional Law Institute, where she is part of the team designing and delivering the MSc Law and Professional Practice. 

Over her teaching career, Amanda has spoken at numerous conferences on elements of professional legal education and training as well as on student support and transitions, which were the focus of her Masters in Academic Practice dissertation in 2018. Amanda is also a chief examiner for the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. 

Publication Details

• May 2025
• Paperback
• 350 pages approx
• £34.99
• ISBN 9781068700408