Criminal Procedure and Punishment - 2nd Edition

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This book provides a holistic overview of the English and Welsh system of criminal justice, from the earliest stages of investigation and arrest through to the punishment and release of offenders. Aimed at students, it examines not only the law and procedure of criminal justice and punishment, but underpinning theories and surrounding issues.

The book is designed as the set text for a new undergraduate law module entitled Criminal Procedure and Punishment, but is suitable for courses on criminal justice, penology and criminology.

The book is divided into two linked parts. The first focuses on criminal procedure, including: the influence of adversarial and inquisitorial theory; the use (and misuse) of police powers; the trial process and fundamental fair trial rights; and sentencing. The second part focuses on punishment, including: discussion of its history; theoretical and philosophical arguments from scholars including Kant, Bentham and Rawls; punishment in the modern era; and the prison crisis. 

Both parts link to common themes and issues, with connections drawn between the different stages of the process and their impact on each other. The book thus offers, through doctrinal and socio-legal methods, a contemporary and rounded approach to two constantly evolving and overlapping topics.

      About the Author

      Ed Johnston
      Ed Johnston is a Senior Lecturer in Law specialising in criminal procedure. His research interests centre on disclosure, the rise of efficiency in the criminal justice process, the notion of adversarialism and the role of the defence lawyer. He is the module lead for Criminal Procedure and Punishment (Level 2) and Organised Crime and Criminal Justice (Level 3) at UWE, Bristol. Further to this he is the co-lead for Sexual Offences and Offending (Level 2) and is the Programme Leader for the Criminology and Law joint award. He has acted as a consultant for the Legal Policy Research Center in Kazakhstan concerning the implementation of a disclosure regime in criminal proceedings. He has also given training lectures for the Judicial College on disclosure.
      Tom Smith
      Tom Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Law, specialising in criminal justice and procedure, criminal defence lawyers, legal aid, pre-trial detention and disclosure. He teaches Organised Crime and Criminal Justice, Criminal Procedure and Punishment, and Sexual Offences and Offending. He has worked on domestic and cross-jurisdictional research projects examining pre-trial detention, effective defence work, and reporting on criminal courts; acted as an expert consultant on pre-trial detention in China; and published a number of articles in a range of literature including the Criminal Law Review and the International Journal of the Legal Profession.

      Publication Details

      • Due July 2020
      • Paperback
      • 295 pages approx
      • £33.99
      • ISBN 9781916243125