Criminal Law - 2rd Edition


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Criminal Law is a new textbook aimed at students studying on an LLB or GDL course. Written in plain English, it provides students with a detailed understanding of the theoretical and substantive aspects of the law of crime, whilst maintaining a practice-based approach.

The book provides a sound base level of knowledge of the substantive law. It then adds to this knowledge to ensure that students are able to apply the substantive law using a variety of skills in different contexts. Then, the text shows students how to engage with the subject and critically evaluate and consider the implications of the law in any given scenario. It is essential that students understand the dynamism of criminal law and ask the difficult questions that have been, and remain to be, pondered by academics. As such, the book also considers the social, economic and political context.

This new edition of Criminal Law aims to present the law as of May 2020 and discusses recent cases on the following topics:

  •  R v Wallace (Berlinah) (causation)
  • R v Lane and Letts (AB and CD) (knowledge and strict liability)
  • R (Davies) v Criminal Cases Review Commission, R v Towers; R v Hawkes, R v Tas, R v Harper, R v Daley (Kyrone), R v Jackson and R v N (accessories)
  • R (Conway) v Secretary of State for Justice (assisted suicide)
  • R v Cheeseman (householder self-defence)
  • Pegram v DPP (evidence of self-defence and level of acceptable force)
  • R v Taj (intoxicated mistakes in self-defence)
  • R v MK; R v Gega (Modern Slavery Act 2015)
  • R v Challen (diminished responsibility), R v Hussain and R v Sargeant (diminished responsibility and uncontested medical evidence)
  • R v Winterton and R v Kuddus (gross negligence manslaughter)
  • R v Melin (deception as to identity and attributes)
  • R v Goodwin and R v Christian (loss of self-control)
  • R v Tunstill (infanticide)
  • R v Gimbert (theft of land)
  • R v Cyprian Okoro (No 3) (meaning of possession)
  • R v Eletu (aggravated burglary)
  • R v Atta-Dankwa (s 18 GBH)
  • R v Wilkinson (prevention of crime)

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Visit, the companion site to Criminal Law, for:

  • developments in the criminal law
  • guide on answering exam questions
  • glossary of key criminal law terms
  • guidance on the 'test your knowledge' questions at the end of each chapter

About the Author

Mark Thomas is a non-practising barrister and Lecturer in Law at Nottingham Trent University. Mark previously taught law at the University of Sheffield at both undergraduate and post graduate level. Mark’s teaching is heavily focused on the law of crime and evidence and he has published numerous research and textbook publications in those areas.

Publication Details

• Due July 2020
• Paperback
• 850 pages approx
• £35.99
• ISBN 9781916243132