Biolaw: Regulating emerging health technologies

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This book aims to help modernise and future-proof the Medical Law and Ethics curriculum by focusing on emerging biotechnology changes and the challenges and opportunities they create for society and law. In many ways the development of new medical technologies are changing the very nature of well understood interactions – where face-to-face patient and health care practitioner consultations can be replaced with online test kits, apps and emailed reports – this is a fundamental shift and one that the regulatory legal landscape has to adapt to.

This book provides key clear and accessible content to help students understand emerging areas of biotechnology (such as genome editing and direct-to-consumer genetic testing and artificial wombs) whilst also providing the opportunity through the activities provided to analyse and apply key concepts and developments in these fields. It also aims to help equip future lawyers with the analytical skills and tool kit to understand how regulation can respond to emerging technologies – something any budding lawyer will likely have to face in their work in the coming years.

Each chapter will explain key concepts and then provide a series of activities and practical tasks/debates to undertake (in class or individually) to encourage students to consider what the law can do to regulate such emerging technologies and what the options are.

      About the Author

      Gemma Hobcraft is a Lecturer in Law at St Mary’s University. She is also a member of Doughty Street Chambers and has extensive experience in regulatory law, particularly within the context of healthcare. Gemma has significant experience representing health care professionals before their regulators in fitness to practise proceedings. She is a co-editor (and contributing author) of the book (now in its second edition): Professional Discipline and Healthcare Regulators: A legal handbook, Legal Action Group, 2018 and also provides training to other practitioners on issues relating to fitness to practise proceedings. Gemma was also a lay member of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority between 2008 and 2015 (including a period as Deputy Chair of the Authority). 

      Publication Details

      • Due July 2021
      • Paperback
      • 280 pages approx
      • £34.99
      • ISBN 9781916243149