Equity and Trusts - 2nd Edition

Equity and Trusts - 2nd Edition

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Equity & Trusts is directed specifically at LLB and GDL students, providing them with all they need to understand the complexities of the English law of equity and trusts in principle and in practice, while also providing them with insights into some of the debates that surround this area of the law.

Written by two authors from Northumbria Law School with extensive experience of teaching this core subject, and with leading practitioner input to reinforce the practical application of equity and trusts, this text sets out to help students appreciate the context behind the subject and become confident in their ability to solve problems.

Equity & Trusts draws on the primary sources of case law and legislation and guides the reader through the early developments of equity to its contemporary relevance. By focusing on the equitable institution of the trust, the book sets out, in clear and accessible language, the formation and function of different trusts, the roles, rights and responsibilities of those involved and the remedies that may be available when things go wrong.

New for this edition:

  • new diagrams to aid student understanding of complex issues
  • expanded chapter on breach of trust, tracing and remedies
  • full review and update to reflect recent case law, including: Ong v Ping (2017) and North v Wilkinson (2018) on the creation of express trusts; Culliford v Thorpe (2018) on common intention constructive trusts and proprietary estoppel; Marr v Collie (2017) on common intention constructive trusts; Lewis v Tamplin (2018) on the beneficiaries’ right to receive information from the trustees; Daniel v Tee (2016) on trustees’ power of investment and the Trustee Act 1925, s 61; Barnsley v Noble (2016) on exemption clauses; Burnden Holdings v Fielding (2018) on limitation; Davies v Davies (2016) on proprietary estoppel; Clydesdale Bank v Workman (2016) on dishonest assistance; Bathurst v Bathurst (2016) and Gelber v Sunderland Foundation (2018) on variation of trusts; and Main v Giambrone (2017) on equitable compensation
  • discussion of reform proposals, including Law Commission Initiation, ‘Modernising Trust Law for a Global Britain’ (2019); House of Commons Briefing Paper No 03372, ‘“Common Law Marriage” and Cohabitation’ (2018); Law Commission Consultation, ‘Making a Will’ (2017)

    About the Author

    Katharine davies
    Katharine Davies is a senior lecturer in law at Northumbria University, having previously practiced as a solicitor in England and the Isle of Man specialising in corporate/ commercial law. She has taught equity and trusts to LLB and GDL students for the last five years as well as company law, insolvency and taxation to undergraduate students for the last twelve years. Katharine is an early years academic researcher.

    Sue Farran
    Sue Farran is a Reader in Law, School of Law, Newcastle University, having previously worked at a number of other universities in the UK and abroad. She has taught equity and trusts, as well as land law, for many years to LLB and GDL students. Sue has an extensive research and publication record focusing on a range of legal topics. 

    Publication Details

    • Published June 2019
    • Paperback
    • 184 pages
    • £32.99
    • ISBN 9780995653085