Criminology and Law

Criminology and Law

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Via an exploration of traditional and contemporary themes, Criminology and Law presents the relationship between the disciplines of law and criminology in an accessible and coherent way that serves as an ideal companion to undergraduate law and criminology joint degree programmes, as well as serving the interests of those students studying law or criminology in other configurations. 

After introducing the relationship between law and criminology, this book sets out to explore how the law is applied in relation to several key areas (policing, violence, sexual offences, amongst others) whilst also exploring critical criminological perspectives as they relate to such matters. In doing so, this book allows the reader to simultaneously develop their understanding of the principles of law and the major criminological perspectives and critiques of the law in operation as they relate to:

  • Legal actors: victims, offenders and criminal justice agencies
  • Police Powers and the criminal justice process
  • Violence
  • Sexual Offences
  • Cybercrimes

In exploring these issues through the lens of both criminology and law, this book will highlight the complementary relationship and benefits brought by both legal and criminological analysis, and how the analytical tools of both disciplines can be harnessed to develop a holistic and reflexive academic analysis.

About the Authors

Sophie Marsh is an Associate Lecturer in Law and Criminology at the University of the West of England. She is also a 2nd year Law PhD student at the University of the West of England. Her thesis will explore the extent to which rape myths are impacting the high levels of attrition in cases of rape. Sophie’s interests include sexual offences, criminal procedure, criminal law and human rights.

Ed Johnston is a Senior Lecturer in Law specialising in criminal procedure. His research interests centre on disclosure, the rise of efficiency in the criminal justice process, the notion of adversarialism and the role of the defence lawyer. He is the module lead for Criminal Procedure and Punishment (Level 2) and Organised Crime and Criminal Justice (Level 3) at UWE, Bristol. Further to this he is the co-lead for Sexual Offences and Offending (Level 2) and is the Programme Leader for the Criminology and Law joint award. He has acted as a consultant for the Legal Policy Research Center in Kazakhstan concerning the implementation of a disclosure regime in criminal proceedings. He has also given training lectures for the Judicial College on disclosure.

Publication Details

• August 2021
• Paperback
• 200 pages approx
• £34.99
• ISBN 9781916243101