Well-being Tips - #2

Good breathing techniques are essential to well-being but what we breathe can also have a hugely positive effect on how we feel.

There are plenty of useful websites with advice and tips on aromatherapy but, as a rule of thumb, citrus scents — orange essential oil in particular — can help reduce stress and anxiety and are great as a 'pick me up'.

Lavender is fantastic for managing a variety of conditions, ranging from depression to insomnia and is also strongly associated with relaxation, making it an excellent choice as a self-care essential oil.

Use Peppermint essential oil to enhance feelings of alertness and help to clear your mind – if you’ve had a busy day and just want to be able to clear mental space, then peppermint is the ideal choice.

Another useful essential oil is Rosemary. If you suffer with anxiety you may find rosemary essential oil particularly calming. It has also been associated with boosting cognitive abilities.

Find your favourite aromas and have them on hand whether it's in a handy rollerball, candles, or add some drops to a diffuser. Always follow professional advice on using essential oils and make sure that they are properly diluted to voice skin irritations. 🌸