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280 pages

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ISBN: 9780995653047
Published: 12 Mar 2019

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The Law of Succession

by Richard Hedlund


The law of succession is a rich and vibrant subject which has been attracting more legal and academic attention in recent years. With the pending introduction of the SQE, the subject is likely to grow further in importance and popularity amongst law students.

This textbook is designed to meet the needs of students studying on the LLB, GDL or SQE by introducing them to succession law in a clear and succinct manner, whilst at the same time highlighting the many topics which are controversial and may be in need of reform. The textbook will also explain key practical points, such as will drafting, applying for a grant of probate, and calculating inheritance tax.

To aid learning, practical examples are provided, along with an in-depth look at some key cases.


Mental Capacity
Amendment and Revocation
Mutual Wills
Will drafting
Intestacy Rules
Partial Intestacy
Personal Representatives
Inheritance Tax and the Taxation of Estates
Basic Principles of Personal Taxation
Inheritance Tax
Administration of Estates
Obtaining Probate
Duties of PRs
Family Provision Claims